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Engaging the human half of health and safety 

Creating a space where health and safety is a dynamic conversation, not just a checklist.

Are you looking for someone who understands your industry, speaks your language and ensures that your health and safety practices create more time and opportunities?

At StarSafety we believe in creating better, healthier and more efficient work  environments for businesses operating in the trades industry. 

We know that we’ve done a good job when the systems that StarSafety helps you implement give you more time, peace of mind and business opportunities. 

We are passionate about facilitating ongoing conversations about health and safety and streamlining systems so that you can get back to what’s important without having to worry!

Health and Safety Made Easy

StarSafety is an approved partner with SaferMe.

This simple health and safety application helps you with 

  • Using paperless systems
  • Streamlining the Onsite Safety Process
  • Saving time completing reports
  • Achieving better worker engagement 

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Our Focus

Facilitating the situations, systems and conversations that will help send everyone home safely at the end of each day.

Utilising cutting edge technology to help streamline your business’ health and safety practices and minimise paperwork.

Exploring the ways in which better health and safety systems can open new doors for business growth and expansion.

To find out more about how we practically do this every day for businesses like yours, check out our services page

I am proud to be partnered with the Regional Business Partners Network. Together we help businesses to create safer work spaces! If you think that you could be eligible for funding please get in touch with me, or contact an advisor here.


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