Emergency Flip Charts

Flip Charts



Includes x5 Emergency Flip Charts.

All business locations require an emergency plan. A flip chart is a great way to display your company's emergency procedures all in one place.

The flip chart can be displayed at any exit point around your business or in main work areas. Every business has different needs when it comes to emergency services. Consider location, fire risk, or living near waterways or the ocean. These hazards or environmental factors should always be considered when planning for emergencies.

Having considered natural disasters there are also risks around personal safety as well. Terrorist threats or pandemic outbreaks also require an emergency response. A flip chart can be your quick check guide to ensure you and your workers are safe.


Size: A4 297mm high x 210mm wide

Material: Card with clear plastic cover front and back

Packaging: Packaged in a sealed envelope

SKU: 10000-1-1-2 TAGS: Emergency Procedures, Emergency Guide, Health and Safety

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