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This ingenious piece of health and safety software can create more time and freedom for your teams by assisting with your Job Safety Analysis requirements when working on site. 

SaferMe is a streamlined and easy to use app which will save you time and worry by helping you complete inductions, meetings and site safety plans (and more!) with just a few touches of a button!

As an approved HSC partner with SaferMe we are able to help
you get set up and provide ongoing, continuous support. 

Who doesn’t want more time and less paperwork? It’s a win / win situation.

Contact us today about how to get started with the SaferMe application.

Health and Safety Management Systems

We work with clients on a monthly basis to provide a comprehensive health and safety management system. This comprehensive service covers aspects such as:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Site visits
  • Audits
  • Ongoing health and safety systems development
  • Ongoing health and safety systems support

This kind of hands-on health and safety management helps to ensure that you have optimal systems and good worker engagement, all the while freeing up your time  to focus on other areas of business. This service is tailored to your business with systems that remain functional, easy
to understand, to explain and to execute.

Talk to Yvette today about what this might look like for your business.

“ I always aim to address the human aspect of health and safety: businesses are made up of real people, not spreadsheets and checklists!” 

Test and Tag

As a qualified electrical lead tester, we are able to provide you with schedules and approved electrical lead testing on site and on time. Now that electrical leads need testing on a more regular basis StarSafety uses its extensive knowledge of the construction industry to develop a system that is perfectly suited for your business.

Talk to us today about setting up your own testing schedule

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