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About Star Safety

With a work history in insurance and a keen interest in understanding risk, I completed my MBA in 2010 and qualified as a health and safety specialist.

Because of the work I had already completed with CHCH EQ in the areas of loss adjustment and risk assessment, starting my own business felt like the next logical step, so in 2016 I founded Star Safety.

Focus: The Trade Industry 
At the end of the day, most of us would like to think of safety as basic human right; no one likes the feeling of being unsafe! 

But often the mindset toward health and safety practices don’t reflect that expectation. 

I’d like to see that change.

I understand better than most that the world of health and safety can
come across as complex, confusing and more than a little overwhelming,
but it doesn’t need to be! 

Simplifying, refining and explaining how good health and safety
practices can empower your employees and grow your business - that’s
what I love doing! Even better, there are a variety of ways in which I
can help you accomplish that. 

Through my Waikato based business I work with all kinds of trade
businesses to ensure Health and Safety compliance is met within the new
legislation of HSWA 2015.  

Check out our different services here or flick me an email here if you have questions you suspect I can answer.

Yvette Steenson

Yvette Steenson

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